As of June 2, 2014 Student Affairs Web Development has been transitioned into a joint effort with the Center for Instructional Technology (CIT) & the Office of Information Technology (OIT). As we move forward with the transition of SA Web Development, we will begin meeting with each department in the coming months in order to assess needs and develop a plan and timeline for the transition. Please know that each department will be involved in this process as we move forward but that it will take time so we may not meet with you for several weeks. Moving forward, please keep these points in mind:

  • Starting June 2, if you have a request for updates, we have streamlined the work request process for each of you. All you have to do is send an email to with WDP in the subject line, and the ticket will get routed to the appropriate area. Please remember we are only accepting maintenance requests and updates, no new work should be submitted at this time. I will let you know when new work will be accepted. Thanks to the IT Service Desk for working with us on simplifying the request process!
  • We are continuing with business as usual on all current websites and applications and you will continue to have support as needed
  • New projects are on hold with some exceptions that are critical such as SACS related items.
  • We are currently taking an inventory of all websites and applications and will begin assessing these projects when we meet with each department
  • ALL services that you are currently using will continue after the transition but how they are delivered may slightly change
  • We will hire a Marketing & Commuanication manager to serve as a liaison between each department and our web team in CIT and OIT. Once this person is hired, we will begin the meetings with each department and they will become your primary contact for web-related item
  • Once a plan and timeline are established, we will keep each department informed
  • As we proceed, we will be addressing security and compliance concerns for the whole system and then will begin designing and updating the individual sites and applications.